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SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity Report – Turning Ambition Into Action

Gender Diversity Report

SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity Report – Turning Ambition Into Action

As the volume increases in support of initiatives such as mandatory percentages of women occupying board positions, and the links between better balances of the sexes and business success solidify further, we sought to check in with our clients, candidates, colleagues and friends all around the world to see what strides are being made in their regions – if any.

To set the scene, SRi’s CEO Jim Chaplin sets out in his foreword why this vital issue is of huge importance to the sport, media & entertainment industries:

I have had the great fortune to be working the sports, media and entertainment industries for the past eight years. In that time, I have seen significant change as organizations have become increasingly sophisticated and the workforce has become better qualified, more diverse and more professional.

However, there is much still to do.

The senior levels of organizations continue to lack diversity and the career paths and progression for talented executives moving through the ranks remains hard to navigate. One of the significant shifts in recent months has been the increasingly consistent feedback we receive from senior executives across a range of organizations that we work with, is that this lack of diversity is harming their organizations. There is a growing consensus for change.

In order to help to provide a greater in-depth understanding of the current state of play in the industries we cover, we were keen to provide further insight, data and intelligence through the creation of our own gender diversity report. Our focus in this report was to provide a global picture across media, sport & entertainment, assess regional differences and approaches and, above all, to translate ambition into some definitive actions which can help to accelerate the transformation of the industries we serve. I do hope that you find the report both interesting and informative.

Jim Chaplin

To download the SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity report, please click here.

SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity Report

SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity Report

To download the SRiCheyenne Gender Diversity report, please click here.